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Fryers Creek came into being when a squatter named Peter Fryer built a shack in 1851 on the creek which was named after him., but had left the area before the influx of diggers heralded the start of a gold rush. When the locality became a township in 1854, it was renamed Fryerstown and by 1858 boasted a population of around 15,000, about 25 hotels, and 5 breweries. However, news of goldfields opening elsewhere in Victoria coupled with diminishing returns from the numerous mines, resulted in a rapid decline in population which today numbers around the two hundred or so.

(Acknowledgement is made to Mr. G. O. Brown author of 'Reminiscences of Fryerstown')


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     Carter's Boot Factory                                         The Bridge Hotel                                       Castlemaine Street looking South      

              bridge3.jpg (182038 bytes)                           corner.jpg (60878 bytes)                      cops.jpg (36156 bytes)

           Castlemaine Street looking South                       Corner Hotel                                            Police Station 

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            Cummberland Hotel                             Castlemaine Street looking North                        Castlemaine Street looking North     

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         The Courthouse                                              Duke of Cornwall Mine                                  Golden Eagle Mine  

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          Anglican Church                                                              Miner's cottages


        sluice.jpg (170184 bytes)                junction.jpg (34563 bytes)                         school.jpg (79065 bytes)             

          Sluicing for gold                              Junction Hotel                                              Fryerstown school

                      winch.jpg (47321 bytes)                                        coach.jpg (61878 bytes)                             SW_view.jpg (166738 bytes)

                         Lunch at the windlass                                                      Old Coach road                                   Looking South-West across Fryerstown



Maureen and I bought land in Fryerstown in 1978 and I've built our house out of mostly local materials.  Click HERE to see the results of quite a number of year's labour, or HERE to contact Maureen. 

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