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My'54 Oval.  I'm the second owner and it has been in my possession for 32 years, Except for Suburu front bucket seats, (I have the originals in excellent condition) the interior is all original, including the 'mousefuzz' headlining. There is carpet wear at the driver's foot level, but apart from that everything is in very good order. There is a rear parcel shelf, and an under-dash tray trimmed in original VW vinyl. It also has a quite rare mesh ventilator which fits above either the driver's or passenger side window.                                                                                                                                             This is a rust-free vehicle with it's original floor pan.

Engine is 1640cc twin port with a custom 4-into-1 exhaust below the rear guard, and running 12 volt electrics, original semaphore indicators are disconnected in favour of flashing indicators, these being built into headlamps and tail lamps. The 'fancy wheels' are actually original hubcaps with cutouts to show the wheel nuts. At present I'm in the process of reinstalling the generator, so the car is temporarily immobile. 

I'm still in the process of completing the house building process, so I may be tempted to part with my Beetle should I receive a sensible offer.

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